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San Jose del Cabo is a picturesque town. It is the ideal place to get to know the identity and culture of Baja California Sur because its old houses and their legends have been preserved, giving way to what is now referred to as the Historic Center.

The construction of the building we now know as City Hall began in 1888 and it was inaugurated in 1927. The iconic clock tower was installed and inaugurated three years later in 1930. It took a total of 42 years to finish the building as it currently stands.

Back then the most important and prosperous families had their residences in one of the most important streets of the town, known as La Calle Grande (The Grand Street), nowadays most of those houses have been turned into art galleries or restaurants.

A local legend has it that, in what was Casa Cural, now the House of Culture, there is an underground corridor that connects with the church. Rumors also abound about fortunes that were found when the old houses were demolished or remodeled.

The popular Art District consists of 16 galleries plus the exhibition space for emerging artists in the town square “Plaza Teniente Jose Antonio Mijares”. It is an area that allows tourists and locals to explore the streets full of beautiful works of art by local, national, and international artists. The art exhibits showcase colors and different techniques that capture stories of characters, landscapes, places, and inspiration.

Therefore, this time we want to invite you to discover San Jose del Cabo in a new way. Let your curiosity guide you along the Historic Center and its surroundings, which have witnessed many events and stories, you will perceive the heart of San José’s daily life.

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