International Beer Day at Solmar!

Refreshing and tasty, beer has been around for about 12,000 years now! But it was not until 2007 that this fantastic elixir had a dedicated day to celebrate it. Every year on the first Friday of August we all are summoned to toast with a beer on hand. So, cheers!

Some history

The primitive cultures of Mesopotamia are believed to have been the first brewers, leaving behind malted barley scraps and bowls with beer like residue dated 10,000 B.C.! Ancient Egyptians documented the brewing process (using dates, pomegranates, and other indigenous herbs) on papyrus scrolls dated 5,000 B.C. show.

Beer eventually made its way from the Middle East across the Mediterranean to Europe, particularly in Northern Europe where abundant barley crops provided ample raw ingredients for brewers. During the early Middle Ages brewers had been using malted barley as the main source of fermentable sugar for hundreds of years, but the use of hops to add bitterness and flavor did not become common until around the twelfth century.

Around 1150, German monks began to use wild hops as they complement beer with a very pleasing, thirst quenching bitterness and acted as a natural preservative extending the life of their beers.

Did you know?

A labeorphilist is someone who collects beer bottles.

Historians credit monks with many brewing innovations, including the idea of lagering, or cold storing beer to improve flavor, and even today the monastic brewing tradition holds, with a number of Belgian monasteries among the greatest breweries in the world.

Interesting, right? Besides having a long story behind, there are good reasons to become a beer enthusiast. Check them out!

5 reasons to drink beer:

  1. It Tastes Good: There are many different beer flavors as breweries in the world are. Even for those who are not fond of the hoppy, bitter flavors, there are options available, like a light and bright hefeweizen or a fruity lambic beer. Or even champagne beer!
  2. It Makes You Feel Good: Beer triggers the production of dopamine, leaving a feel-good sensation behind, and it is relatively low in alcohol content, around 4-6%. Not only that, beer has twice as many antioxidants as white wine, and high levels of nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B9 and phosphorus. Even pregnant women can benefit from non-alcohol beer for its high contents of folic acid. It can prevent osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney and heart diseases and helps boost your immune system.
  3. It’s Refreshing: Sipping on an iced cold beer on a hot day is incredibly refreshing. Bright flavors and bubbling carbonation make beer the ideal way to cool down.
  4. It’s Cultural: Many countries, states, and even cities have their own specialty when it comes to beer. For example, England is famous for its cask ales and California for its California common beer. Drinking your favorite local brew and sharing it with others gives you a sense of identity and community.
  5. It Makes You More Creative: Beer has been proven to boost creativity by helping induce a relaxed mood and leave daily worries behind.

Enough reasons to celebrate! And Solmar Hotels & Resorts is taking part in this international celebration with traditional and artisanal brand De Mar Anima  available in-house and beer tastings.

Beers showcased:
Weizen Pericú- Wheat beer, golden, cloudy, creamy body.

Indian Pale Ale Chimi – Coppery, medium-high carbonation, top fermentation, medium body.
Pale Ale Kiliwo – Yellow color, medium carbonation, top fermentation, medium-light body.

Playa Grande Resort / The Ridge
Artisanal beers by De Mar Anima, present in our menus.
Draft beer: Baja Brewing Surfa, and Baja Brewing Peyote.
Available at Sports bar, Seaside Grill and In-Villa Dining.

Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas
Artisanal beers by De Mar Anima, present in our menu.
Available at Anica Restaurant.

Beer tasting | August 6th – 3:00 p.m.
Rancho’s beer expert will guide you through the best local brews in Baja with craft beer tastings at Anica Restaurant. Each beer is paired with a different appetizer to enhance the whole experience.

Grand Solmar Lands End
Artisanal beers present in our menus by De Mar Anima: Pale Ale Kiliwo, IPA Chimi, Weizen Pericú.
Available at Sports Bar and Asian Lounge.

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