Though whale watching is a year-round activity, Baja whale season peaks in the winter months of January to March, where we can watch this gentle giants in impressive numbers all along the coast.

Different species can be observed such as grey, blue, fin, even orcas… The most commonly seen is the humpback whale. We often see mom and baby displaying fun acrobatic behavior such as breaching and tail slapping.

Whales migrate from North America to the Mexican Pacific, where they spend the winter and the males can be observed competing with each other, making a wonderful spectacle; captivating the attention of the females, who they are looking to breed with. Sometimes you can even see several males following a female and challenging each other by hitting, jumping and whipping their fins. Its quite a show!

Thanks to this natural phenomenon Cabo has positioned as one of the top touristic destinations. Where families, nature lovers or just curious, come to see first-hand these enormous and majestic creatures; An experience  without comparison that must be witnessed at least once in a lifetime.

The best possible way to remember this amazing experience is to have a piece of jewelry that will unlock the memories every time you see it. KABANA has the perfect whale tale necklace in a limited edition, here in Los Cabos.

Each piece is meticulously sculpted by hand with Kabana’s signature look, recognizable around the world: The solid inlay, where the gemstone rises above the gold forming a dome. This pieces are available exclusively at Diamonds International, Cabo San Lucas.


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