Alignment: On the driving range and on the golf course

Golf is a target sport. Players advance the ball to a fairway, landing area or putting green. Taking dead aim is essential to avoiding hazards and playing good golf.

· On the driving range, I suggest using alignment sticks to line up correctly for the perfect golf swing. A classic image to keep in mind is of railroad tracks that lead directly to the target: the player stands on the inside rail, the ball sits on the outside rail

· On the golf course, lay a club across your thighs to make sure you’re properly aligned

· All the good golf swing technique in the world cannot make up for poor alignment. If you watch the PGA Tour pros practice, you’ll notice they work on alignment more than any other fundamental. Their goal is to ensure that their shoulders, hips and feet are square to the line of play

Conclusion: Half the battle in golf is getting lined up correctly. Once you do that, your accuracy will improve significantly, which will lead to lower scores, making the sport even more enjoyable.