Positivity, Prosperity and Abundance.

In December, we have one of the best moments to enjoy Los Cabos and experience how magical this tourist destination is; we have the best weather and is the time when the Pacific Ocean reaches the lowest temperatures, that in Cabo it means 75°F and this makes it the ideal environment for one of the greatest miracles of life, orchestrated by the imposing and mystical humpback whales.

It’s one of the most moving acts of nature, when whales receive their calves in our wonderful sea and share their first maternal life experiences; and  like them, many women will become first-time mothers in this season and will be sharing their unique first moments of motherhood. Our brand SAFI KILIMA TANZANITE comes from a mom/ baby story that began in 1967 in the Maasai tribe, when they discovered the tanzanite gem and as old tribes that were and still are connected more to the earth and its energy and vibrations, they attributed energetic properties of great value such as positivity, prosperity, and abundance to this gem and this is why they decided to give it as a symbol of good fortune to mothers after giving birth.

Come to our showroom at DownTown Cabo San Lucas to discover tanzanite´s energy in our jewelry collections or even a lose stone and create your own personalized piece. Don´t forget we have complimentary private transportation that you can reserve with your concierge.

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