Solmar Hotels & Resorts is considered the pioneer of tourism in Los Cabos. The company has been welcoming guests to its collection of seven all-suite resorts in Baja California Sur since 1974. Founder of Solmar Don Luis Bulnes was crucial in the initial development of the tourist destination and helped bring electricity, connectivity and infrastructures to the once small fishing village. The health and prosperity of Los Cabos is deeply intertwined with the vision of Solmar. The company established the Solmar Foundation in 2011, a non-profit organization which lends a helping hand to members of the community who need it most.

Today the Solmar Foundation is putting all efforts behind educating and preparing small poverty-stricken communities in the Cabo area, who don’t have access to electricity, about the current world situation and COVID-19. A team of five Solmar Foundation leaders and 12 volunteers, led by Director Dinorah De Haro, have been working to educate these communities, sharing hygiene instructions and providing food and paper goods. Hotel workers from Solmar are also providing self-employment tips (teaching jewelry design, carpentry, etc.) and donating 100% of the supplies so these people can start their micro-businesses and get ahead in these times of need.

Solmar is paying the entire administration budget for the foundation and matches every donation given. Since hurricane Odile hit Cabo in 2014, Solmar Foundation has helped rebuild 120 homes, supplied over 55,000 meals and awarded 600 full scholarships to aspiring students living in poverty.

If you’re interested in donating, or for more information, please visit: