Unique ways to Celebrate International Friendship month.


This special month encourages us to acknowledge the power of friendship and the importance of supporting each other, both in person and online. Friends are essential to our mental health and overall well-being, so why not take some time this month to show your appreciation? From sending a thoughtful message or taking a walk together, there are many ways to express your gratitude and strengthen your bond with friends old and new. Don’t let this month go by without taking a moment to appreciate those special people in your life!

Because we know sometimes we run out of ideas, we want to share with you some old but good ways to celebrate friendship

  1. Send a handwritten letter

Writing a letter is a super easy, affordable, yet oh-so meaningful way to celebrate your lifelong friendship. Whether you reminisce on all the amazing memories you’ve shared together, plans for the future, or just let them know how much they mean to you and why they are so special! Put pen to paper and get ready to make them smile.

  1. Spa Day

Are you a health loving person? Then you might like to spend a Day in the Spa with your Bestie (s)
From a traditionally massage/facial to a yoga class or an afternoon tea, will revitalize your day and have a memorable gift.

  1. Get a friendship bracelet.

Wearing it, will be a reminder of the bond between you and your friend, if you get it in Los Cabos, it will always remind you of all the adventures you had together here.

At Diamonds International we feel very honored to be part of your life in each chapter,

adding sparkle to your special moments. We will always be here to celebrate with you in our

showroom in the center, in Cabo San Lucas.

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