Fishing in Cabo

Fishing is the one activity that brings excitement and also sometimes becomes dinner!

It is usually a thrilling adventure in which friends and families come together and experience wonderful moments of fun and adrenaline.

As said in the sports fishing magazine: Los Cabos has become part of the list of the most exciting fishing destinations in the world; and for no small reason, as the Pacific Ocean waters mix with the lower Sea of Cortez, Cabo offers an immense variety of fishing and catching such as marlin, sailfish, jack crevalle, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, and yellow grouper.

The best time to come is between October & November, as it delivers the best combination of fish abundance and extreme feeding activity.

We want to share with you 3 Expert- tips for your next Cabo fishing Adventure

First PRO TIP Extend the life of your braid by flipping or reversing the line. After 12 months or so you will begin to see the colour of your braid fading, this is the perfect time to give your braid the flip.

Second PRO TIP is to go with an expert, who will guide you the whole way, with gear, timing, rules and regulations and of course most important of all, will keep you safe.

Third PRO TIP is to invest in a reliable watch with 2 critical factors to keep in mind:

Water Resistance & Durability – Due to the conditions that fishing face in the water, your watch must be ultra-durable.

Come visit our Showroom in Downtown Cabo San Lucas to discover our collection of the most prestigious time pieces, specially designed to withstand extreme conditions and feel the power of a beautifully engineered timepiece on your wrist.

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