Redefine the Concept of Wellness at the Magnificent Sea Spa at Land’s End

Grand Solmar Land’s End, a luxury resort located on the private beaches of Solmar Beach at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula, offers lovers of relaxation and wellness a spa with an unrivaled view of the Pacific Ocean to accompany its collection of treatments that ensure an incomparable experience.

As its name implies, the Sea Spa at Land’s End is located in a place where the magnificent waves of the Pacific Ocean harmoniously complement its sunsets, creating a living work of art unique to the world. From the time of its inception, the inspiration for this wellness retreat was to merge luxury with nature, so go ahead and visit this ode to relaxation where the sound of the waves, the sea breeze, and the warm colors of the desert unite.  The harmony of the sea and the sunset offers a revitalizing experience at the Sea Spa, allowing visitors to create a unique connection with nature while bringing their body and mind into the state of peace which they deserve.

It should be noted that marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols, in his book Blue Mind, explains how the brain is interconnected to react positively to water, so that swimming, listening to the ocean waves, or simply floating in silence produces a state of total relaxation in humans. Wallace explains that the Blue Mind, as he calls the meditative state characterized by the feeling of happiness, peace, calm and satisfaction caused by proximity to or contact with water, bears great resemblance to the mental state that meditation causes, undoubtedly making the Grand Solmar Land’s End Spa, with its perfect location next to the Pacific Ocean, the best option to calm the mind and body.


Sea Spa at Land’s End offers holistic and personalized experiences made up of a variety of treatments, massages, facials and rituals, complemented by gourmet dishes from the executive chef of Grand Solmar Land’s End, offering total relaxation for all of the senses. Some experiences use natural tools, such as bamboo, herbs from the spa garden, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, and river stones, among other elements. In order to promote the connection between mind, body and nature, the experiences offered in the spa combine various techniques and ingredients to achieve a total state of well-being, as is the case with the Solmar Marine Experience, a relaxing massage exclusive to Grand Solmar which uses bamboo, deep tissue techniques, reflexology, acupressure and stretching, accompanied by an anti-aging facial with a triple exfoliation system and plastic seaweed mask; or The Experience, a four-handed treatment where two synchronized therapists apply oxygenating body and facial treatments, ending with a gourmet dining experience that will undoubtedly pamper all the senses.

Taking care of the body, mind and spirit is a practice that should never be forgotten. In these times of stress, a relaxing treatment accompanied by the sound of the waves and a wonderful sunset, characteristic of Los Cabos, is an excellent option to indulge your senses. With the aim of offering the best experience and safeguarding the well-being of guests and visitors at both the Sea Spa and any other Solmar Group facilities and resorts, nationally- and internationally-endorsed safety and hygiene protocols are being adhered to. It should be noted that Solmar Group was recently recognized with the “Verified Point of Cleanliness Quality Seal” or “Punto limpio”, as well as with the “Safe Travel Seal” by the World Travel and Tourism Council, confirming its commitment to the safety of its guests, visitors and collaborators.

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