End of the year enchantment


The New Year is a time of renewal, hope and celebration. Time to reflect on the past, and opportunity to formulate purposes for the future.
Added to this unique moment is the excitement of spending time with your beloved ones.
Cabo San Lucas Mexico is the favorite destination par excellence, full of the magic that accompanies that special day. The celebration begins and the first gifts are given to us by nature with an excellent fresh weather peculiar to the season, but don’t worry, the temperature will allow you to show off the spectacular outfit that you have in mind.
The second gift will be the most spectacular last sunset of the year, imagine yourself with your loved ones having a spectacular dinner.
Finally, the most anticipated moment of the night will arrive to welcome the new year and culminate 2023, which will be awarded with a breathtaking show of fireworks and drone show along the entire shore.
The best news of all is that the big day is near and you will soon experience it.
At Diamonds International we feel very honored to be part of your life in every chapter, adding sparkle to your special moments. We will always be here to celebrate with you in our downtown showroom, at Cabo San Lucas. 

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Introducing Solmar Standards in Safety & Care
Introducing Solmar Standards in Safety & Care

Introducing Solmar Standards in Safety & Care

During these difficult times everyone is looking forward to the return of a more normal lifestyle, including one of life’s greatest joys—TRAVEL!
We’re here to share that it’s still possible to plan for traveling in the future. Vacation has always been a time for relaxation, fun and quality time with friends and family that will last a lifetime.