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Nestled among the most stunning natural beauty in the world lies a collection of luxury resorts with infinite possibilities. White sand beaches, lavishly appointed guest rooms, suites and villas, spectacular ocean views, creative local dining and sparkling pools surrounded by white cabanas invite you to escape and indulge your senses. Make memories to last a lifetime with a destination wedding set against the spectacular Pacific Ocean. Rejuvenate body and soul with seaside spas treatments and gentle ocean breezes. Savor fresh, local cuisines that celebrate the bounty of this treasured landscape. All of these amazing experiences are enhanced by our dedicated staff who anticipate your every need and make sure you are treated like the only guest in the world. Experience the Solmar difference and discover paradise at the far end of the Baja.

A Food-Lover’s Guide to Los Cabos

Baja California is known for beautiful desertscapes and impressive beaches, but it has also become one of the most exciting food-lovers destinations in Mexico.

2022 Wedding Trends by Solmar Weddings Specialists

Make your wedding stand out from the rest —That is the biggest dream of every couple. And even when global trends keep evolving and changing, they are a good source of inspiration to imprint your personal hallmark, and leave a lasting impression on your guests at the same time.

Recycle, Repurpose and Reduce, 12 Easy Ideas to Practice at Home

Taking care of our environment is easier than we think: It doesn’t take huge actions to start making changes that positively impact the planet we live in.

Solmar English School – Pioneer in education projects in the hospitality industry

Following the path traced by its founder, Solmar Hotels & Resorts inaugurated Solmar English School, the first English institution for employees part of a hotel corporation in the history of Los Cabos.

Differences Between Tequila and Mezcal + 3 Cocktails to Cool Off this Summer!

The traditional Margarita Fest has arrived once again to Solmar Hotels & Resorts, and as evolution is our status quo, this year we add another iconic Mexican distilled spirit to our offering: Mezcal.

Planning a Family Vacation with Kids in Los Cabos? We’ve got you covered!

Smiles will be the order of the day with the plethora of things to do in Los Cabos, and the fun activities program planned by Solmar Hotels & Resorts.

4 Reasons Why planning a Wellness Retreat in Cabo is Good for You

Taking some time off from the agenda to renew and reconnect with the essential matters of life should be on everybody’s top things to do —at least once a year.

Hustle, bustle, and monotony? Not what you will find if your next trip is to Los Cabos

Well, we agree that visiting Los Cabos is on the wish list of many travelers, especially in this season when we say goodbye to the cool weather and welcome new beginnings, embraced by the warm rays of the sun and the delicious notes of the sea breeze that makes those who have already had a first experience, fall in love with the beauty of this land between the sea and the desert.

5 Reasons Why Los Cabos is Perfect for Your Easter Holiday

Spring fever has taken over and the travel bug was patiently waiting to sting! No wonder most of us are flying away to our favorite destinations this Easter Holiday.
If you have Los Cabos in mind, we share 5 irresistible reasons to come down this season to the very place where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.

5 ways to enjoy Los Cabos with your family!

Now that multigenerational trips have gained relevance among travelers looking to reconnect, and create bonds with family, the destination you choose must appeal to every member and offer activities that can be enjoyed together to get the most out of their trip while collecting endearing moments.

Grand Solmar Land’s End, where the culinary scene takes place in Cabo

There’s always something happening in Los Cabos! The best part? You won’t have to leave your hideaway when staying at Grand Solmar Land’s End to enjoy the best this destination has to offer, and here we tell you everything about the gastronomic scene happening in this resort at Don Luis Baja Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant from 6:00 pm. to 10:00 p.m. Enjoy!

Quick Guide to a Heavenly Golf Round!

Stress reliever, anxiety reducer, endorphin trigger, synthesis of vitamin D enhancer and well-being promoter, not to mention the opportunity to be in direct contact with nature, Golf is the king of sports, —at least for many of us!

Have you heard of Friendcation? The new travel trend to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Chocolates and loving cards on Valentines’ Day? That’s ok! But if you are looking to take your celebration to the next level, we invite you to take a look at the trendiest idea for hanging around Hollywood-celebrity style!

Arts and Humanities

San Jose del Cabo is a picturesque town. It is the ideal place to get to know the identity and culture of Baja California Sur because its old houses and their legends have been preserved, giving way to what is now referred to as the Historic Center

5 out-of-the-ordinary ideas for your Destination Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

5 out-of-the-ordinary ideas for your Destination Wedding Rehearsal Dinner .
So you decided to host your Destination Wedding in Cabo? Congratulations! That is one of the best decisions you can make!

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Solmar Hotels & Resorts is considered the pioneer of tourism in Los Cabos. The company has been welcoming guests to its collection of seven all-suite resorts in Baja California Sur since 1974.

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