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Nestled among the most stunning natural beauty in the world lies a collection of luxury resorts with infinite possibilities. White sand beaches, lavishly appointed guest rooms, suites and villas, spectacular ocean views, creative local dining and sparkling pools surrounded by white cabanas invite you to escape and indulge your senses. Make memories to last a lifetime with a destination wedding set against the spectacular Pacific Ocean. Rejuvenate body and soul with seaside spas treatments and gentle ocean breezes. Savor fresh, local cuisines that celebrate the bounty of this treasured landscape. All of these amazing experiences are enhanced by our dedicated staff who anticipate your every need and make sure you are treated like the only guest in the world. Experience the Solmar difference and discover paradise at the far end of the Baja.

Love is in the air: Top 5 Idyllic Plans for Romance in Cabo

The most romantic month of the year is here with blossoming flowers and the feeling of love inspiring the atmosphere. If you are planning a getaway to surprise your better half, here our top selection of endearing moments you have to add to your Valentine’s celebration.

Swimming with the Biggest Fish in the Sea: Whale Shark Encounter!

Reaching lengths of +40 feet, whale sharks are part of the fascinating fauna you will find in Cabo during your winter getaway.
Known for their friendliness and pacific temper, swimming with whale sharks is sure to be one of the most thrilling adventures you could jump in, while in Cabo!

Día de Reyes, or Three Wise Men, Tradition in Mexico

The tradition of this delicious bread dates back to 217 BC in Ancient Rome, as Romans celebrated the Saturnals in honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture to show their gratitude for the harvests obtained and the beginning of the winter solstice. Gifts were made among them and prepared a hollow-circled bread mixed with figs, dates, and honey.


There is no doubt that Forbes Travel Guide is a remarkable authority when it comes to suggesting Five-Star options to venture the world.


We were all longing for the most special season of the year to take a break from an atypical year, disconnect from it all and reconnect with that we enjoy and cherish the most: our loved ones, the moments that make us smile, fresh air, nature, vacations, friends, new friends, brilliant sunlight, sea… and the list can go on.
Thank you!

Solmar Foundation, collecting toys to donate to the neediest children in Cabo

Now that holidays are around the corner, and children keep the dream to receive Christmas presents, the Foundation organizes an endearing task: to collect an important number of toys to be delivered during the Christmas Festival which has been carried out for 5 years now with great success.

An epic voyage

The biggest mammals in the world travel nearly 3,000 miles across the Arctic until reaching the Mexican coasts to give birth to their new offspring. Whales are welcomed by the warm temperatures of the Pacific offering shelter to protect their young calves from the heavy Winter storms and give them a head start before returning north.

El Mercado A Mexican Fiesta to Remember

Born with the objective to offer an authentic taste of Mexican traditions to Solmar Hotel & Resorts guests, whilst helping local producers and artisans, El Mercado is sure to become one of your favorite happenings at Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas.

Dream Views For An Unparalleled Vacation Time, From The Comfort Of Your Pool

Plunge on refreshing waters while sipping from a crafted concoction with the rays of Cabo sun framing the moment; the perfect combination without a doubt. Leave the stress behind and enjoy one of the most amazing destinations in Mexico: Los Cabos.

Five Unique Experiences to Discover Los Cabos This Holiday Season

Los Cabos continues to be a trend-setting destination offering a variety of experiences for every taste, budget and personality. Complemented by the crystal-clear waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, the destination makes for the perfect setting for an unforgettable holiday vacation.

Mexican Fiesta at Playa Grande Resort

The Mexican Fiesta is a reflection of the richness of Mexican culture in its abundance, and of the deep values and influences that each region contributes to the country as a whole.

Considering the range of diversity in Mexico, one might think that there is a variance when it comes to parties; however the party of all parties is the “FIESTA” at Playa Grande Resort and Grand Spa! We know very well how to create a party that is unforgettable, while introducing you to a variety of traditional Mexican dances and classic songs as performed by our mariachi band.

Have you tried our traditional Mexican Coffee?

In Mexico, we value nothing more than traditions, which is why it is a pleasure for us to delight you with our unique Mexican Coffee. This is a tribute prepared so that you may taste the flavors of Mexican agave and coffee together in a combination that will give you an explosion of flavor like no other.

Day of the Dead at Solmar Hotels & Resorts

Each year, families around the country reminisce about their loved ones who have passed away. The tradition is to build a tribute to them with a personalized altar of their favorite things, including food, drink, candies, music, board games, and clothing. In this special way, only those who were closest to the deceased know which items should go on the altar.

Sustainable Wedding? The Best Trend!

Say «I do» to ecological trends. We will share a little bit about ecological weddings, and some tips to make your big day a day full of love, without leaving aside the love of nature.

El Mercado, “The Market”

El Mercado, a contemporary heritage in a culture of gastronomic and artisanal riches.
A characteristic of the open-air market in Mexico is that it is a space where, in addition to commerce, there is conviviality, and enjoying an afternoon accompanied by the soft marimba music.

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