What’s Happening in Cabo !

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Quick Guide to a Heavenly Golf Round!

Stress reliever, anxiety reducer, endorphin trigger, synthesis of vitamin D enhancer and well-being promoter, not to mention the opportunity to be in direct contact with nature, Golf is the king of sports, —at least for many of us!

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Arts and Humanities

San Jose del Cabo is a picturesque town. It is the ideal place to get to know the identity and culture of Baja California Sur because its old houses and their legends have been preserved, giving way to what is now referred to as the Historic Center

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5 romantic moments in Los Cabos

Love is in the air in Cabo! Time to unleash your romantic spirit and live your love at its best in the most fascinating destination in Mexico, or should we say, in the world? That verdict will be yours to reach after spending some days in this idyllic beach destination.

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Tacos, the most iconic Mexican dish!

There is no doubt that tacos are the most representative dish of Mexican gastronomy. So much so that you can find a wide variety of tacos throughout the country, and in many parts of the world! But, did you know that this simple, yet delicious dish dates back to the mid 16th century?

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New experiences await at Anica Restaurant

If we had to choose only one profession that is an example of passion and love for what they do, we would pick chefs above all. They all seem to have an overflow of creativity and an unmistakable drive to explore and innovate —so common in chefs, that you could say they are all cut from the same cloth.

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